12. kesäkuuta 2014

Lokki ja kuovi ja blogitauko

Olen pienellä blogilomalla ensi viikon loppupuolelle saakka, en sen pitempään! (Ellei jotkin yllättävät Juhannussuunnitelmat muuta tilannetta.) Tämä yksinkertaisesti siitä syystä, että olen tietokoneen ulottumattomissa. Tai ainakin kovasti yritän olla. (Olen itse asiassa jo nyt, ajastin tämän vähän ennakkoon...) Lupaan olla vastaavasti sitäkin aktiivisempi kameran kanssa ja myös Instagram tulee toivottavasti olemaan aktiivisessa käytössä! (@suvipy)

Mukavaa Juhannuksenodotusta!

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  1. Hi Suvi.

    I have been reading more about the x20 and each time this seems to be the camera I was looking for, although I still didn't have a chance to try it with my own hands. I was wondering one thing about the lens range and aperture. I read that the lens is not fixed, but can also zoom. I was wondering if the aperture decreases so much when you zoom completely. Also, does the zoomed in pictures look as good as the zoomed out? I mean, did you notice if it lost quality when zooming?

    I see that you are away on holidays. I am guessing you probably took the x20 with you. If so, would be nice to see some more photos made with it. :)

    Enjoy your vacations and drink lots of water. ;)


    1. Hi Maha,

      well, I told you I tested x20 in store but wasn't so convinced then... Despite of that I decided to get that camera because I read many positive reviews on internet.

      I really like the range is so wide, you don't need any fixed lences or other cameras with you. And my eyes can't see any quality problems if I'm using zoom. With completely zoom the aperture is still F2.8 so I think there isn't any problems yet. :)

      Just came home from Portugal (it was REALLY hot there...) and of course, the x20 was with me. Actually, it was the only camera there if my phone isn't count. I haven't a computer with me so all pictures are still in my memory card. There's a few of them, like you can imagine. :D But I will try to publish best photos as soon as possible!

  2. Oh right. So F2.8 is still very good. I finally found a shop which had a x20. I tried it and I have to say that I really liked it. The size is perfect and it is so quiet, perhaps too quiet :D
    I didn't have enough time to play around with the photo modes and video mode, though, I tried the main options and I liked what I saw. The only thing I forgot was to check if what you see in the viewfinder is the same as what you see in the screen. But, next time I try it I will check that.
    Looking forward to see your post about your trip.

    Enjoy the midsummer. Did it get warm up there?


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